Stuck for unique ideas for your Child's Birthday Party?

Looking for someone to take the hassle out of planning a Birthday Party for your kids?

Tired of the same old Birthday Parties?

Want to give your Son or Daughter a Birthday experience they'll remember?

Something Unique, Thrilling, Exhilarating & Exciting?

Something that really captures the children's imaginations?

Looking for something you can do at home rather than hiring a venue?

Don't want all the mess and expense regular parties involve?


Our Spy Birthday Party is the perfect, unique, multimedia Children's Birthday Party package for you!


Let your Children's imaginations run wild as they enter the world of ASN (Amateur Spy Network) Spy Training as New Recruits where they will be sent on a Top Secret mission to save ASN HQ from destruction. If they complete their mission successfully, they will graduate to become ASN Special Agents!

So What Is Ultimate Spy Party?

Ultimate Spy Party is a unique, multimedia enhanced, instantly downloadable, role play party package suitable for 6 to 10 year old Boys and Girls, that you can host in your own home or venue of your choice. It's a high energy, fun, interactive role play scenario, experienced in the comfort of your own home or chosen venue, with an incredible level of realism and suspense for a really thrilling experience!

Most importantly, it's a complete, hassle free, DIY party package your kids will love!

Parents, Carers, Aunts, Uncles & Grandparents take part too as they assume roles of Section Chiefs, guiding their teams of New Recruits around a series of tasks and games to complete their mission.

On completing their undercover mission, New Recruits will Graduate to ASN Spy Training Special Agent status and are awarded their Certificates, Party Bags & any other treats you wish to include!


"ASN HQ is under threat of enemy attack and the New Recruits mission is to decipher the secret code before it's too late! Enemy activity has been detected around ASN HQ. Mission intelligence have picked up details of encrypted messages being transmitted from a location close to the mission rendezvous point and as yet, Staff at ASN HQ are unable to decipher the coded messages. At present it seems like the messages are encrypted using a method completely new to ASN HQ. New Recruits, your task is to work in teams to decipher these messages and crack the code before it's too late!"

whats-includedThe Ultimate Spy Party contains everything you need to throw the perfect, unique, interactive, multimedia Spy Birthday Party for your Son or Daughter. Supplied in an easy to use, download and print package, enhanced by a selection of online, multimedia elements to add realism, drama and suspense to the occasion. Our instantly downloadable package contains everything you need for your party including...


Set the scene with our complete range of ID Cards, Signs, maps and unique, multimedia & video elements, professionally designed to add the ultimate level of realism and heart racing drama to your party. Our package is designed to perfectly suit 6 to 10 year olds, and bring a refreshingly different approach to children's birthday parties.

party-guideAll you need to host a thrilling, exhilarating, Spy Themed Party at ANY venue is covered in our Step By Step Spy Party Manual, it walks you through everything, step by step! It's so easy, and so so rewarding! Your Children & Party Guests will love every minute of it!

The detailed, yet easy to follow Spy Party Manual takes you step-by-step through the planning and preparation for the big day. Packed with all the information you need to make sure your Child's big day is as perfect as can be! From organising the guests and invitations, to setting up the party games and creating the most realistic Spy Themed piñata EVER... It's all inside!

The comprehensive Party Manual gives you the complete background and history behind the Party concept,
plus complete walk-throughs for all elements of the big day including:

  • A run down of what's included in the package and where to find everything you need
  • Party Overview : A general guide to how it all fits together
  • Equipment & Consumables Required : A complete list of low cost essentials and optional items you could use
  • Party Stationery Guide : A quick guide to all the stationery included in the pack and what it's used for
  • Signs, Invitations, ID Cards etc
  • Setting up the party games & mission tasks
  • Mission Control Security & Scene Setting
  • Games & Mission Tasks
  • Code Breaking & Deciphering
  • Briefing & Debriefing Videos
  • The Ultimate Spy Party Piñata Experience
  • Section Chief Briefings
  • How To Create ASN Intelligence Spy Map
  • How to assemble the Ultimate Spy Kit & Party Bags for minimal cost using low cost items from your local dollar store or pound shop
  • Plus Much Much More! 

party-plannerThe Ultimate Spy Party Planning sheet ensures you stay on top of all the preparations for your Party, leaving nothing to chance! Everything from who's invited, to who the Section Chiefs will be (adults who are lending a hand), to the Party Food, Mission Games & Tasks, through to your shopping list for the big day, decorations and more.

With the help of our Party Planner, arranging your party will be an absolute breeze!

exclusive-multimediaUltimate Spy Party really is a Kids party like no other! In fact, it's not just a Party, it's an Adventure! And our unique & exclusive multimedia elements add a real sense of realism to the party from the get go...

videosAccess our Top Secret Briefing & Debriefing Videos via Mission Control, your party's control centre, for enhanced realism and push the excitement levels through the roof! Complete with scene setting, dramatic intro music, these unique videos feature Veteran Special Agent & Spy Chief John Bond who briefs New Recruits prior to them embarking on their mission. All you need is access to a PC or Smart TV with YouTube access to view the videos (DVD version available on request). On successfully completing their mission, the New Recruits are debriefed by John Bond who congratulates them on a job well done and prepares them for life working undercover as ASN Special Agents!

high-techMission Control also gives you access to our High Tech, professionally designed multimedia elements for even more, realistic Spy themed excitement (An internet browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer is required with Adobe Flash Player plugin pre-installed)! Our High Security Thumb Scanner adds an ultra-realistic security clearance element when New Recruits arrive at the party. Each New Recruit must be scanned in and clear security before they can begin their mission!

The ASN HQ's Top Secret Code Breaker is used to help decipher the secret codewords New Recruits uncover on their mission. If they successfully crack the code, they are then given an extra special, additional task to complete that will really push the excitement through the roof... The Top Secret, Ultra-Realistic Piñata.

Plus, to add suspense to the weeks running up to the Big Day, there's our ASN Mission Intelligence Blog, with fictional mission intelligence updates, arrival procedure info and more - Party guests are directed to this unique, online feature prior to the party to build excitement & suspense...


The pièce de résistance of The Ultimate Spy Party download package comes in the form of the ultra-realistic, yet very simple Piñata design that takes just minutes to make, but really gets the New Recruits hearts racing! It's the Birthday Boy or Girls chance to shine here! Full instructions on how to make it are included in the instant download Ultimate Spy Party package.


Party bags and favours are an essential part of every kids party these days, and we've got a great solution to the party favour dilemma: Our Dollar Store spy kit, made up entirely from items you'll find in most dollar stores and discount stores, so it definitely won't break the bank, but the kids will love and use over and over! Full instructions are included, with ideas, hints and tips on how to create the best Spy Kit party favours ever, on a Dollar Store budget! We even include printable ASN Spy Training Spy Kit labels that you can use on Spy kit cases, Pens, Notebooks, Torches etc...

"My 8 year old daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the party. It's a fantastic idea, and I've never seen a party like it. From the intriguing invitations all the children were very excited to go and see what was going to happen. It seemed to be a perfect age for this party and perfect for boys and girls alike. As soon as the children arrived the magic started, right through to the end, it was fantastic! I think it has to be the best party my daughter has been to, she was still talking about it weeks later.

I think the birthday girl was very popular at school too. I will definitely be booking this party in the future.

Many thanks for a great day."

Mrs Burton - A VIP Party Guest.


23+ exclusive PDF files to download and print to help you plan the perfect party and decorate your venue on the day, including:

  • Spy Party Manual - Your complete, step by step guide to hosting your party
  • Party Planner - Ensure you have everything covered with our complete party checklist!
  • Running Order - Make the big day run perfectly with our timed running order so you know what happens and when!
  • Party Menu Ideas - Packed with great ideas for spy themed party food with links to recipes and more.
  • Spy Birthday Cake Ideas - Be inspired to create the greatest Spy themed Birthday cake ever!
  • Field Agent Contact List - A themed sheet for keeping parents essential contact info to hand in case of emergencies.
  • Invitations - Professionally designed invitations, ready for you to print off and send out.
  • Five different Sign designs to decorate your venue: Mission Control, HQ, Safe House, Cell 24 & Restricted Access
  • New Recruit ID cards - Issued on arrival to all New Recruits
  • Special Agent ID cards - Awarded on graduation
  • Special Agent Graduation Certificate - Awarded on successful completion of the mission
  • Section Chief ID cards - One for each adult at the party
  • Section Chief Welcome Speech - So you know exactly what to say!
  • Mission tasks, games & puzzles: Spy Themed Word Search, plus a Spy Party Games & Mission Tasks Booklet with lots of ideas
  • Code Sheets
  • Codebreaker Deciper Sheets
  • Notebook labels - To customise your own stationery
  • Party bag labels
  • T Shirt & Spy Kit Labels
All PDF files are supplied in both A4 and Letter sized paper formats for your ultimate convenience!

Q: Is it suitable for boys and girls?
A: Yes, most definitely! Boys and Girls love pretending to be Spies!

Q: Do I have to follow your party plan exactly?
A: No, all aspects of our party plan are flexible. You can print off whichever elements you wish to use, as well as chose your own selection of party games. We just give you the tools you need for a really great party!

Q: What else do I need to buy to use this kit?
A: We've designed this kit to be as comprehensive as possible. All you need to host the basic party is a PC or Mac connected to a printer (Black & White or Color), a few sheets of A4 or Letter sized copier paper, and ink in your printer. Everything else is optional... Our kit includes instructions for making a low cost piñata, Dollar Store Spy Kit, plus tips and guidance on how to really go to town and spice up the party if you so wish. Whatever you choose, we're sure your kids will have a fantastic time!

Q: Is it just for Birthday Parties or is it suitable for other occasions?
 Any day can be an Ultimate Spy Party day! The great thing is your kids can use all the materials such as signs, code sheets, games and other elements for their own games, again and again! 

Q: Do I need Internet Access during the party?
A: Yes and No. As standard, our multimedia elements are streamed on demand through YouTube and from our Mission Control website. They are however available as downloads or DVD for a small additional cost.

Q: How quickly will my order be processed?
A: Our systems are very quick indeed. As soon as your payment has been confirmed (takes just a few seconds), you will be able to download the complete Ultimate Spy Party package from our customer area.

Q: What software will I need to be able to print off the stationery and use the multimedia elements of the kit?
A:  To print the PDF files you'll need a PC or Mac connected to a colour, or black and white printer and you will need to have the free Adobe Reader software installed on your computer.

Q: Do you come to our venue to host the party of us?
A: The idea of the downloadable party pack is that you, the parents/carers assume the relevant roles as Section Chiefs, and host the party. We do however offer a VIP party service, please contact us for prices.

 Download the Ultimate Spy Party instantly for the low introductory price of just $97

and get access to all our PDF files and multimedia party elements instantly!